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Monday, April 13, 2009


I decided to show a work in progress.  I am teaching a mixed media class at AFIC (Artistic Figures In Cloth) at the end of April.  SO, I am busy getting ready, making some new pieces to add to the ones I already have for the professional exhibit.  Here is my stone caster goblin.  He will have a cloak and will be painted and textured to resemble stone.  I used the technique I am teaching in the class to illustrate the versatility of the process.  In addition it will also demonstrate some finishing techniques that I will be teaching in my acrylic mediums half day classes.  It is a fun process even if it is lengthy. 

He should be done by the end of the week as I only have a few hours at a time to work on him each day.  That's in addition to the other pieces I hope to finish.  Enjoy the beginning of your week.

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