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Monday, October 12, 2009

Reflection, healing and hope

Today's post is one of deep reflection, a prayer for healing and hope. A dear friend of mine has been diagnosed with the big C yet again. The fear and uncertainty is flooding back into her life. But, I am also reminded of hope. The hope that all things are possible if we believe in them, no matter how impossible the outcome may seem. The above image is the healing doll that I created for my dear wonderful friend when she first faced the big C over nine years ago. I meant it as a beckon of light and hope. A reminder of the eternal love the universe gives and shares with us all. So now, I renew this prayer, this wish of hope with her. Love is the greatest magic, healing power we can imagine. It heals disease, war, famine and hate. Three magic words, one powerful mantra the ultimate prayer "I LOVE YOU." Yet we dismiss it so easily as silly sentiment. Remember to tell those you love you do love them, often. Bring yourself to love and mean it to those you don't like or agree with. Love is easy if you truly love that person, but it isn't so easy when you look at someone as bad or terrible. I think it was a famous Beatle song that said it best, "Love is all we need."

Go forth and love one another today. For I send you all out there the true heartfelt love and peace of the universe. May you find it in your life today.

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Anonymous said...

I think I signed up as a follower. I have been following you since before Virtual Dollies. I still have a few scraps of the fabric I received for being the winner naming it. You have really gone a long way with your art. I wish I had your talent. I have to follow a pattern and then I have a lot of do overs.

Betty from Iowa