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Monday, October 05, 2009

Successful Open Studio

Well, it was another successful studio open house this past weekend at The Essex Studios. That is where I have a studio that I share with two other artists. This event is always full of surprises and fun times. This weekend was no exception. Friday night was packed with people and lots of great feedback for all three of us. Each of us sold a bit and that is always nice. I personally use these events to gauge wheither or not the public will be receptive to my work at big art shows. This is a picture of my display inside the studio. We have an outside wall that we share too. I was pleased with it this time. But, unfortunately I have to pack a lot into a small space and it is hard for people to focus on the work.

Here is a shot of the front wall that is shared by my partner Buck and coworker Kajy. Buck makes beautiful stained glass and is an accomplished photographer. Kajy creates awesome narrative charcole drawings that are simply stunning.

Here is one shot of Buck's stained glass.

More of Buck's beautiful stained glass.

It was fun to talk to the variety of people coming through the building. There over 150 artists showing their work. We will be having another open studio tour in December which will be the last one for this year. I however have two other shows I will be taking part in this year. The River City Dollmakers Annual show and sale on November 14 and 15 and the Winterfair on Thanksgiving weekend put on by the Ohio Designers Craftsman guild.

Hope you all have a great creative week. I will be back soon with more artzy stuff.


Lorell said...

Cody, this all looks wonderful! I love your table display...and the stained glass is awesome! It looks like you have a wonderful space to work in and to share that with two other vastly creative souls must be so inspiring. Congratulations on your success!

Cody Goodin said...

Thank you Lorell. I appreciate the kind words. Yes, I am so very lucky and appreciative of the space and those I share it with.

Creager Studios said...

Cody... I have an award for you on my site...


Mayra René said...

wow! all looks beautifull