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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas exchange #2

Here is my last Christmas exchange piece for this year. At least I am not planning to do any new pieces for gifts this year. I created this for my regional manager at the art store where I work. She has been a good friend as well for many years and actually has a number of my artworks from the past years. The luck of the name draw gave me her name again. Originally I was going to create a tongue in cheek ornie about scrooge with certain company overtones. But, as I began, a bigger spirit took over my hands. Thus this piece became more than I anticipated. That happens to me occasionally. I have learned over the years to just step back and let the spirit move so to speak. This is a healing piece for my boss but, more importantly for my friend. He is called "E.Z. Scrooge" the goblin of torment. The idea behind this piece is that he will receive from the recipient, all that torments their soul. But, the catch is that they have to be freely given to him. He will not take them only receive them. I will not go into the meaning behind all the elements here. Those are personal to my friend. But, this was such a powerful piece for me to create I had to share it with my cyber audience, my artist friends.

He is a polymer clay sculpt over a wire armature with iridescent glass eyes. He stands on a maple block base. I used foreign coins and created a broken heart out of polymer clay and there is a broken paint brush. He is bound by a number of chains of various types.

Here is a close up of his face.

Hope you all have had a nice weekend and are not too stressed out. I for one refuse to allow that to take over my season anymore. I have a great personal outlook about it and am just enjoying being. It is a meaningful time of year for many faiths and beliefs. That is what seems so magical to me. I love all the lights and crisp winter nights. The parties and fun times with friends and family really lift my soul and make me feel so grateful for it all. You know I couldn't say that a fews ago. So, I hope you all out there can find your true peace too. May you get to experience your bliss. That is my wish for the world.


Karen Mallory said...

This is a great piece Cody! I can see that is has meaning. I love all your goblins and creatures.
hugs Karen

Cody Goodin said...

Thank you so much Karen,