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Saturday, December 05, 2009

Last Ornies of the Season

So, I want to share with you all the last two ornies I made for this years shows. These are monster themed. This first guy is "One Horned One Eyed Flying Purple People Eater" inpsired by the song. I was flirting with colors and such and this one just popped into existance. He as all of the monsters are such fun to make.

Here is the people eater from the back side. His wings and horn are painted with an iredecent paint. He is polymer clay over a wooden armature. and is about 4 inches tall.

This little guy is the fire monster. He isn't telling me his name as most don't. They leave that honor to the person who adopts them. If I decide to adopt him I guess I'll find out. But, he as well as his purple friend are going to the final night of the Essex Studios holiday art walk and studio tour.

The fire monster from behind. He is polymer clay over a wood armature as well. I love making these guys.

The first night of the studio tour/open house was pretty good for me. I sold one of my mergoblins which is a bigger piece. I am so grateful that people who can buy art still do. I did do a bit of demo sculpting last night and started my Christmas exchange piece I need for my employee Christmas dinner. I will try and get some in progress pictures taken as I plan on working on it today. Have a great Saturday everyone.


Pattee said...

They are fabulous Cody! I esp. like the orange one! What grumpy goblins they are~

Cody Goodin said...

Thank you Pattee. They are fun to make. I actually sold the purple one at my studio open house this weekend.

Kathy Jackson said...

Hi Cody, I hope I am doing this right to join in for the blog giveaway. I would love to own a piece of yours. How do I become a follower? kathy