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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New piece finished - Nature of Mercy

Isn't it odd how we can one day be at a difficult place and yet another in the bliss?  I am finding that my spiritual path always likes to present me with interesting challenges.  My art is a fundamental part of my spiritual path as some of you may know.  It is one of the greatest ways I have discovered the universe in all it's wisdom and complexity.

The above piece is a great example of the challenges we artists can face creatively.  I have been struggling with this piece for weeks.  It is simple enough.  But, man I could not figure out how to finish her.  Her identity was illusive to me.  After yesterdays post of feeling like I'm in the bardot, it came rushing forth and said I am ready, finish me.  So, her is "The Nature of Mercy" a mixed media piece.  Her head is made of polymer clay, apoxy clay and a resin horn.  Her hands are vinyl doll hands and the body is formed over a fantail willow branch.

She had under gone several re-workings before her final stage.

Originally she had pink hair.  Not sure what I was thinking there.  Then I came across these resin horns.  So that began her new incarnation.

The idea behind these pieces using the branches, is to combine some sort of nature spirit into my fantasy art. I have been working a lot with the concept of the divine mother.  So, here she is the spirit of mercy in nature.  It is abstract in thought I know.  But, sometimes that's how my mind works.  I love her and she is a beautiful personal symbol to me.  One that I can not put into words at the moment.

Hope you enjoy Mercy.  Peace.


Dawn in the Forest said...

She totally captures the spirit of nature. She's wonderful!

Cody Goodin said...

Thank you Dawn.

Melissa said...

Fantastic! She looks very inspiring to me- very happy you went with horn vs. hair. :)

Karen Mallory said...

OMG!! She is fantastic! I love her. Wonderful art Cody!
hugs Karen

Cody Goodin said...

Thank you Melissa and Karen I appreciate the comments.