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Monday, January 31, 2011

Ringing out January with a new piece

So, I managed to finish a new piece this past weekend.  At least it is finished for now.  I am not sure if I am going to put anything it the hands.  But, there is a story that goes with it.  So, let me tell you if you don't mind.

There was trouble a brewin on that upstart planet called Terra.  The Elders of the Cosmos were getting a bit irritated at the inhabitants. " Humans were beginning to get a bit ahead of themselves." scowled one elder.  Yes indeed those pesky humans were looking elsewhere for their inspirations.  Why they even began to have the nerve to think they were alone in the universe.  So, without too much discussion on the matter they all agreed something was to be done.  One elder put forth a proposal.  "What we need to do is send the humans something really fierce to bow down to."  "yes, exactly." hissed another elder.

The cosmic design studio was a bit busy on this day that the elders decided to pay a visit.  They announced themselves at it's pearly gates.  "We need to consult with the head master designer." chorused the elders.  "Certainly." answered the gate attendant.  The grand gates opened into an amazing place of stars, planets and galaxy's being created.  Many of these were awaiting their final placement in the universe by the cosmic movers.  Yes, the sights were dazzling to be sure.  The elders were always impressed with the work of the head designer.

They came upon a small pergola where the head master designer was going over some plans for a new planet.  The elders chorused a throat clearing and the head designer looked up.  "Oh, welcome sirs, welcome.  What brings you to my workshop on this fine day?"  the head  designers squeaky voice asked.  For you see, the head designer was one of the oldest inhabitants of the cosmos.  No one really new how old he was actually.  One elder decided to speak up for the group.  "Yes, head master we wish to commission you to create something for us.  "Oh, I see."  said the head designer.  " Yes, it is very important that you begin this assignment right away." stated another elder.  The head designer raised his right eye brow in curiosity.  "The tallest and most imposing elder stepped forth a step or two and began to describe what the commission was to be.

"You see, we need you to create a new God.  One that is the most fierce and horrible God ever.  It must be a powerful God that will be obeyed without any conviction." stated the tallest elder.  "Oh, and where is this new God to be delivered?" questioned the head designer.  "A pesky little planet called Terra." snorted the smallest elder.  "They have gotten a little too arrogant.  We need to show them who's who up here."  The tallest elder took another step forward.  "Can you create a great God of Doom?" questioned the tall elder.   Another elder said.  :We need to clean up that mess down there on Terra."  So, the elders looked at the head designer and after a few moments, the head designer spoke.  "Well, it can be done, but I will have to put some other projects on hold.  What you need me to do hasn't ever been done before.  Yet, I will step up to the challenge."  "Excellent."  hissed the tallest elder.  " I will call you when it is ready."  quipped the head designer.  With that he turned and waddled off leaving the elders standing looking at one another.

Now in the grand time scheme of the cosmos, time isn't measured like it is on planet Terra.  So, in a few hundred years which is merely a few hours in the cosmos, the head designer called the elders back to the design shop.  In the great amphitheater millions of workers were gathered for this special presentation.  Why it wasn't everyday that the elders would personally request a commission.  The head master designer wanted to show off his greatest creation to the entire cosmic community.  He was very proud of what he had designed. The elders arrived and were shown to their seats in the grandstand for very special guests.  Soon the head master designer came out on to the stage.  He welcomed everyone to this momentous occasion.

"My fellow cosmic brothers and sisters, I welcome you to this auspicious day."  stated the head designer.  "For I have been commissioned by the elders to create a special deity for the planet of Terra.  One that has never before been created.  My greatest masterpiece."  continued the head designer.  Speaking with great pride the head designer, "Now I present to you," pause and a great silence fell over the entire audience.  "The Great Horned God of Broom!"  Out came this giant horned God Broom creature sweeping up dust and debris as it moved.  The elders had such a shocked look on their faces.  Soon laughter erupted throughout the audience.  The tallest elder became outraged.  "What is this monstrosity?  How could this have happened?"  the elder yelled.  The youngest elder spoke up.  ":Didn't you know the head master designer is very hard of hearing?

Great Horned God of Broom

Close up of God of Broom head.

So, my fine fellow bloggers and visitors.  What is the moral of this story?  I hope you enjoyed this fun little ditty and the creation behind it.  May the week be good to you.  I will be back later with some more art as I get it finished.  Thank you as always for visiting my humble art space.


Edwina Sutherland said...

The moral is - get it in writing!! Graet story! Thanks!

Karen Mallory said...

What a great piece Cody! Love the story of it's creation.
hugs Karen

Cody Goodin said...

Edwina and Karen, thank you for the comments.