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Friday, September 16, 2011

Another Layer

Greetings my blog friends.  I hope this Friday finds you doing well.  I have managed to get the Gesso coating on the chorus characters of my little mythic journey theater project.  Finally, I feel like my old creative self again.  I suppose it eas that process of refilling the well.  The fog has lifted, there's an anticipation in the air around me.  So, needless to say I am taking full advantage of this energy.

Here is a group photo of the chorus.  They have their first coat of Gesso painted on them.  The next step is painting the heads and hands and getting that detailed.  Once I can get past that stage, I plan on painting a light layer of pearl white onto the Gesso-ed surface.  This will serve as the under garment.

Once the under garment layer is dry, I will be applying the handmade paper to create the final costume.  This is a new process for me and I absolutely love it.  Building up the armatures are much more interesting and forgiving than other processes allow.  This process suits my working techniques really well.

Once I get these guys finished, I will be working on my little me self portrait.  I anticipate that being the hardest thing for me to accomplish.  I am not one for self portraits in general. But, you know, I am undergoing some internal changes in attitude that are causing me to rethink this aversion to seeing my own image.  I have began wearing cologne which I haven't done for years.  I have actually made my own very subtle scents to wear.  But, there is something rather bold about wearing store bout colognes.  It is kind of like dressing up for me.  I have also started to wear an ear ring again. Haven't done that in over a decade.

There is obviously something in the air.  But, in all honesty I think it is the tremendous amount of spiritual journeying I have made in the past few years.  It has been a personal form of therapy to delve into discovering who I really am as a person, a member of the Universe and what kind of creator being I am.  This mythic journey process has been one of the most important things I have ever done for myself.  All thanks, in part to the class I taught last winter.  It planted a seed that really bore some interesting fruit for me personally.  Thanks for sharing my rocky road with me.  I feel I am just getting started.  I hope you will stay tuned to see what else I get myself into.



Mario said...

I cannot wait to see these finished. I love the tubes on their heads!!

Cody Goodin said...

Thanks Mario.

Susie McMahon said...

Hello, my dear friend! These look fabulous - I love the rhythm created by the interaction between the different poses - put me in mind of Rodin's "Burghers of Calais".

Cody Goodin said...

Thank you Susie, I was actually giving a very shrouded glimpse of my intentions with the characters. They will be posed together as part of the first scene in my visual theater piece. I am hoping to get these guys finished this week and also start on the little me character.

Lorell Lehman said...

This is looking wonderful Cody! So glad your 'art mojo' has returned....with a vengeance! Really looking forward to seeing the end result :) xx

Cody Goodin said...

Thank you Lorell. The end result is going to take some time. But, I too am looking forward to it all.