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Monday, September 12, 2011

New characters...

Good Monday morning to all of my followers and visitors out there in cyberspace.  I hope you are enjoying the beginning of this bright new week.  I managed to get some physical work done on my big project this past weekend.  I think my little down funk is waning.  So, I managed to get the first set of characters  for the first scene in my visual theater project well underway and are about halfway completed.  They are going to be a chorus, aka Greek version.  I applied the brown paper covering over the base armature to create the foundation for the garment.

There are seven characters so far.  I think I may keep it at this number as it is a significant number symbolically for me too.  The next steps are painting the head and hands the final skin color and detailing these, base coat of gesso on the garment before applying the final layer of handmade paper to create the gown or robe effect.

Here is another fun shot of the characters.  Once I have these finished, I am planning to make the child figure.  He will be based upon me as a little boy.  This will be a fun and challenging project for me to occupy my creative time with.  Hope you all stay tuned.

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