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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Oh, what a week.

Hi there out in blog land.  I hope all of you who are visiting me are doing well.  It is Autumn here in the Rivercity and one of my favorite times of the year.  It also signals the back to school season at the University near where I work at Plaza Artist Materials.  So, this past week has bee full of chaos, new faces and some non work related disappointments.  But, in the midst of all that I did manage a wee bit of work in the studio.

This is a character I am working on for my visual theater series.  He is tentatively called Old Goat.  But, that might change.  I will wait until he is completed to give you the whole idea of who is and how he relates to the story.  His head and hands are sculpted from super sculpey.  His body is an aluminum alloy wire armature and then wrapped with many layers of cotton batting to fill out his form.  I created shoe forms for his feet as they will be covered anyway.  It makes the shoe creation much easier down the road.

Here is another view of him from a different angle.  I still have to finish the painting and detailing of his head and hands before I begin the costuming process.  But, that can be the fun part.  I want him to look old and worn just a little.  But, he may decide to be a bit more dapper.  We shall see.

Lastly, a pearly coat of white on the robes of the chorus.  You can't see in this picture but, I have painted the whites of the eyes and am ready to detail the faces.  Once I have that stage complete I can move on to the costumes.

Hope you all have a wonderful week.  I an hoping to get more done in the studio.  My studio at the Esses Studios is going to be open for their next show on October the 7th and 8th.  You can read more about that here.  So I need to get some things done.


Lorell Lehman said...

Fantastic to see your progress Cody....I love Old Goat! It looks like you are having tremendous fun with this...and that is just as it should be.
Hope all is ok and that the 'non work related disappointments' are nothing serious. xxoo

Cody Goodin said...

Thankyou Lorell. I am having fun at least in the thinking about the project stage. The non job related disappointments are behind me now. It seems silly to have been so upset about it in the first place.