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Monday, June 04, 2012

Magic from Thin Air, My latest Art Doll

Here is the latest art doll figure i have finished.  This is one of my “Thinking Cap” series.  The main feature of these whimsical beings is the old vacuum tube mounted on the head.  Recycling is a big part of my creative process when it comes to creating the costumes and overall look of the character.  In this case the body is a recycled wire armature that has been wrapped with cotton batting.  The body is them covered with purple stretch velvet claimed from an old dress.  All of the costume fabric was reclaimed from old clothing.  There is something symbolic about making old new again.  Giving something discarded new life seems to be a background theme for my work.  The few embellishments I use are mostly old bits of jewelry and a bauble or two.  Most of my clay work tends to have an aged appearance to them which is due to my painting process.  Multiple layers of colored glazes and them a final antique of black or burnt umber.  I just love the look of these characters.  They are like me, a little rough around the edges, tell it like it is, but still have an air of kindness  So, here is “Conjuring Magic from Thin Air – Thinking Cap Series” Approximately 16 inches tall polymer clay and apoxy clay with cloth covered wire armature. I am not afraid to use molds in the initial sculpting process.  I like using the same shape heads or faces to preserve a consistent look.  It is hard for me to sculpt the same face more than once.  When I find one I like I make a mold of it or use commercial molds too if that is the look I need.  The sculpts are then altered to suit the character I am trying to reflect.  This piece was created for a DVD series by Patti M. Culea that she will be releasing this summer.  So, you get a sneak peek here.

Have a great week y'all.  Thank you as always for stopping by.


flyingbeader said...

Fantastic! I always love the recycled. Make something that was once loved & discarded, loved again. Congrats.


Cody Goodin said...

Thanks Dot, this piece was fun to create. He is in a series of pieces I am working on at the moment, in addition to my puppets.