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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Props, the beginning again and melancholia

Howdy folks out there in blog land.  I thought I'd motivate myself to get busy by sharing progress pictures of a prop for an upcoming series of images.  I am making a concrete bench out of closed cell Styrofoam   I have cut and assembled the pieces into the bench shape.  The second step as pictured here is with it's first coat of Gesso applied.  I am planning on painting it grey and then applying a coat of pumice medium to create the final texture.  This has been a fun process.

I have been struggling with motivation this summer.  No, it's not a lack of ideas.  Maybe too many or just overloaded with all sorts of mental stuff zipping around in my head.  I realized that I too suffer from bouts of melancholia from time to time.  I discovered the actual term quite by accident today.  Someone posted a video you can view at the link, describing a book project with that as the theme.  It was quite the revelation.  I knew that I didn't suffer from depression in the clinical sense of the term.  I can always bounce back more invigorated than before.  But, it was a vicious cycle I had to endure.  Now I know what it is and it gives me relief.  Mostly because now I can actually take the steps to understand the cycle and what it actually does for me as an artist, as a person and as a spiritual being.  Alchemists regarded this process very special.  Artists have been the most noted alchemists both historically and I think even today.  Visionaries suffer from this melancholia and great works have been the result.  Now I am not saying that I am a visionary but, I appreciate the process I personally go through even more.  Now that I know what it is and how it works in my life.

Hope you can illuminate more of who you are in your daily practice.

Have a great weekend one and all.


Words everywhere said...

The process is interesting to me both with the making of the bench, and most with the inner process inside your head. You are on an interesting journey.


Cody Goodin said...

Thanks David.