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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Streaky Bacon The Commission


The following pictures contain male anatomy.  It is on a commission piece I recently completed.  So, if you are offended by nudity in any form please stop now.

Below are snaps of a recent commission piece that had consumed much of the past two months.  He is a bacon mascot entitled Streaky.  The idea I was presented was to create a bacon character in the act of streaking which was a fad of the 1970's.  In addition he was also inspired by the British cooking show titled "The Tow Fat Ladies"  The first image of Streaky with his silk wrap around.  I was asked to include this option so as not to offend any visiting relatives of the recipient when they were to visit their home.

He is a polymer clay sculpt with the addition of doll sized sneakers and is running atop a polymer fried egg that is mounted on a wooden base.  He stands approximately 13 inches high.

Here is the unclothed version of Streaky front view.

Here is Streaky's rear shot.  You can't really see it here but, he has a tattoo of a set of lips on his left butt cheek.  That was also a request.  He was certainly one of the most interesting character I have ever made.  I hope the recipient also appreciates the work effort and creativity put into him.

Thank you to all my followers and visitors for your patience.  I know I have been MIA for a while.  Now that I have moved on from the above commission, solved a major software glitch related to my new camera, I am ready to get down to making some fun photographs.  So many ideas so little time.  But, now I can have some fun.  Oh, and I am still working on a few other art projects I will share through out the summer.  Thanks again for stopping by.  Have a great start to your summer season everyone.  This weekend is the Super moon, go out and check it out if you can.


Edwina Sutherland said...

He's great!love his buns

Judi W. said...

I am now just totally curious about the person who commissioned such a piece! he came out wonderfully. A little strange but great.

Cody Goodin said...

Thank you Edwina and Judi for the comments.