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Friday, October 11, 2013

More Exploiting my Doll Making Past

Wow!  Another post in the same week.  I must have a fever.  No, actually I wanted to post a few more of my photographic manipulations of some images I took during a past doll making frenzy.  I am having such fun playing with all this new software I recently purchased.  Oh, and I decided to treat myself to a little pocket camera so as not to load up my phone with too much memory eating pictures.

It wasa bout seven or so years ago that I created a whole series of dolls I lovingly called "Grand Ladies". They were a basic stump style doll which means they have a cloth body shaped somewhat like a doll in a dress.  There were no visible feet as they are usually implied on this style of doll.  They had heads made from Model Magic or Sculpey.  Their hands were generic vinyl hands purchased through a local craft store.

The heads and hands were painted and detailed.  The cool thing about this type of doll is that ultimately it was bout the costume and the character that came out of that experience.  So, I took some in progress pictures with the intention of creating this behind the scenes dialogue with the dolls.  That's were the cations on the pictures in the last post were derived from.

All of these pictures were processed as an HDR or High Dynamic Range process.  That really bumped up the color quite a bit.

I know these shots are very similar to one another.  But, I wanted to show the process a bit.

Here is one of the grand ladies, her name is Elizabeth.

This fine looking lady is Geraldine.

Last but not least silent movie star Claudette rounds out the finished examples of my grand ladies.

I hope you have enjoyed my little diversion down memory lane.


Karen Mallory said...

These are so wonderful Cody! I guess sometimes we do even when hurting. My hands are always sore when doing my art, but I can't stop!
hugs Karen

David Walker said...

Keep up your energy . . . good work!

Cody Goodin said...

Thanks David and Karen. These are older pieces before the hand hurting. But, I am currently working on seven new ones.