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Thursday, November 07, 2013

Explorations in Light

Hello to all my friends and followers out there in cyberland.  I wanted to take this chance to share with you some of my discoveries I have been making while taking my latest photography class.  It is a class offered at the Cincinnati Art Academy, taught by Lisa Britton.  Lisa is a gentle and caring instructor who has the ability to coax creative images out of her students by her gentle prodding and use of questions.  I wasn't sure I was going to like this class at first because I am used to the lets do things in class approach.  However, this class encourages us to go to our own space and time to discover.  I have learned so much about my own camera and creative process just in the few short weeks I have been in class.

So,the point to this post is to share with you the most recent assignment.  Time and images that depict the passage of or manipulation of time.  I decided to try my hand at light painting which requires long exposures, meaning the shutter remains open for a long time and a very dark environment.  The next essential thing is a movable light source such as a flashlight.  In my case I used a variety of colored glows sticks supplied by my partner.  Speaking of my partner, he was a willing subject for most of these shots.

This image I have titled, "Green Ghost" after the whispy green light that is surrounding my subject.

This image is called "Consumed by St. Elmo" as it reminded me of that elusive plasma like lightning.

Here is an image of one of my dolls surrounded by this ethereal light.  I call this one "Covered by Ectoplasm".

In this shot my partner obliged to be my subject.  Here I wanted an otherworldly portrait.

Finally we have one of me and here it looks as if something is coming out of my mouth.  I call this "The Exhalation of Spirit".  As you can see I have had a lot of fun with this particular assignment.  Our next challenge is to create images which depict dreams or dreamlike scenes.  I am mulling around some ideas for that one as well.  In the meantime I need to get back to the studio to continue working on my current series of figures.  I still have to get bodies on four more before I move on to putting their cloth skins on.

Until next time.


Karen Mallory said...

I really love these photos Cody! Glad you are having fun and learning stuff in your class!
hugs Karen

Cody Goodin said...

Thanks Karen. I am enjoying the class a great deal.