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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Retrieving the Lost

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my USA friends and family who visit my humble blog.  I am so very thankful for your friendship and time that you choose to visit and share with me what I create.  This blog has been such a great learning tool and way to chronicle my journey through this creative life.  The advise and encouraging comments you all leave from time to time make my day.  Some have even sharing great bits of wisdom that I take with me into my everyday life.  So, again thank you from the bottom of my heart.

You may not have noticed that my most recent two post are gone.  Well, I ended up picking up an adware virus thingie and had to do a total system refresh.  But, before I discovered the true culprit, I thought my blog had been hacked and deleted two posts before realizing that it was something entirely different. No biggie but, annoying.  So, I will recap a bit and continue from here.

These first three images were taken for an assignment in my photography class.  In this particular lesson we were to create images that represented the theme of dreams.  So, in the first image is a composite I created to illustrate a door to another world.  I really like this image. It was a simple layer and filter process in Photoshop.

In this image I used one of my artist manikin models to create a dramatic theatrical mood.  I used simple side lighting from available light source, beside table.

In this image I used the male manikin artist model with the same process.  Except here I applied a filter technique which seemed to create the look of metallic skin.

This image was created for the monochrome assignment.  I love the look of the black and white image here.  I am interested in exploring more of this style at some point in the future.

This next photo was for my latest assignment on scale.  We needed to interpret scale in some fashion.  So, I found this door whole walking through a little place called Secret Garden which is located near Waynesville Ohio.  I thought  it rather surreal and dreamlike too.  I included this as my photo of the day over on my Facebook page. I call this "Step On Through to the Other Side".

Lastly another one of my toy scenes I created and shot.  Hear I converted it to black and white, but it worked really well for the scale assignment. Not too bad for my first semester I don't think.

This photography class has taught me many things.  Most of which are encouraged self realizations through exploring my own way of seeing through the lens.  I consider that one of the most valuable pieces of discovery I have made yet.  I am encouraged to keep looking and pay attention to my heart and soul.  As artists we use a variety of vehicles to let our souls speak to the world to share our truth, our vision of the world around us. That is so precious to me.  I live art every single moment of my life in one form or another.  That is how I know it is my calling.  It seems to be an all consuming passion of which I am so grateful for.  This consuming passion keeps me alive.

Starting in January, I am going to change the format of my blog here to a visual journal.  I have been doing thatof sorts but, now I want to make a commitment to do it daily if I can. My hope is to include my photo of the day project that I started on my Facebook page.  I can write more about it here as it will be my journal.  I like sharing my process, thoughts, discoveries and failures in hopes that others will be inspired to follow their own passionate paths.  As I mentioned in the deleted post I am also planning a give away in December, so stay tuned.

Again thank you all for keeping up with me on what I am up to here.  I appreciate you all and even the new people that discovery my humble Codyland.


Karen Mallory said...

Always love your photos. Hope you and yours had a Happy Thanksgiving. I spent it with lots of family! :D
hugs Karen

Cody Goodin said...

Thanks Karen, it was a lovely day for me as well. I am busy trying to get some art done for the upcoming art walk next weekend. Actually, I should say I need to get busy as I am sitting here on the computer.