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Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Meaning of Movember To Me

Now that November is coming to a soft and gentle close, I thought I would give my thoughts on something.  In the past few years November has been made the month of men"s health awareness marketed as Movember.  I find it rather curious how we as a society latch onto something like growing facial hair to prove we are supportive of making men aware of something as important as prostate cancer. I know we have October for breast cancer awareness and so on. Nothing wrong in the idea of making those potentially at risk to be aware and observant of potential issues.  My reason for even writing about this is due to a few inquiries I have had over the course of the month.  The most frequent question of course is, Are you growing your beard for Movember? Most of the time I responded with, not exactly.  I have had this beard for quite some time.  They just smile and say, oh that's nice.  It was the last person who asked me that I had decided on a reply that I thought was more appropriate. A young male sales clerk at a local wine shop asked me if I was growing the beard for Movember.  My response this time was this.  No, I have been growing this beard for a long time.  It is a daily reminder of the fight that I have won with the big C. I don't need a month or a day to remind me.  I am reminded every single day I wake up that I survived the big fight this time.  The great divine force in the Universe helped me to survive another day to love, laugh, create and hopefully inspire others to be the best that they can be.  That's all I want is to be a good example to others.  I don't want this for some heavenly reward, but for the simple reason that life is as awesome as you can make it and maybe just maybe we can share that awesomeness with others in some concrete way.  Maybe it's a smile that will make someones day, a free meal you give to some stranger, holding the door for someone, helping out a friend.  All these things serve the greater good of love and compassion on the planet.  It is these things from the heart without expectation of anything in return which I believe comes from the highest place.

So, as I go forth into the rest of this holiday season, I will look at life as I do everyday, with a great since of passion, love and desire to be me.  Life is not like a box of chocolates but, a great candy store where you can choose the things you love if you only give yourself permission.  Taste new things if you dare and dazzle your senses.  The sun doesn't always shine, but in the darkness there is light in our hearts.  Ever guiding us to the peaks of our destined greatness however great or small that may be.  Be brave my friends and be the best you are meant to be.  It isn't always easy, for if it was, we may not value it as much. Life for me has been a great struggle at times, but it is this struggle that makes me appreciate each and every second I have on this earth.

Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts.  As I said in the previous post I am planning to make this more of a visual journal.  I like to express my feelings not only in images but words as well.  Have a great week to come.  Be brave and go boldly into your life.  It is yours to make what you wish of it.


Mario Zeleny said...

I love your beard. You inspire me. I depend on Facebook to get your posts but have not see any for some reason. I had a little time and I am glad I found your post.

Your right without the struggles value and meaning would be lost. The key is to keep that close in the midst of it!

Sending you Holiday Hugs, My friend!

Karen Mallory said...

I am sure glad you survivied Cody! You are an inspiration to me!
hugs Karen