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Saturday, February 01, 2014

Just Me Myself and I

There are days no matter how many good intentions you have, you just can't get started on anything.  When that happens, I just go with it and take time to just be and be with myself in my favorite place, the studio. Listening to my favorite music, looking around at all the things that make me happy and define who I am.  Sorting through potential photos of the day for Facebook, doing my taxes (Yuck!), having a cup a Joe.  You just can't beat those moments of sheer blissful oneness.  It isn't achieving some lofty spiritual form of consciousness but, purposefully being where I am at this particular moment and being fully aware of it.  Loving all of it no matter the condition, state of grace or disarray.

Often times we ignore this simple practice and try and make ourselves feel guilty for not working on anything "important".  My inner voice will say, "Where's the fire?"  All I can do is relent and surrender to the moment.  Peace of mind and soul at it's simplest and most joyous.  My little picture of the toy family I have been collecting is a great example of just such a state.  They are what they are and they make me smile every time I see them.  They don't have to do anything but just be.

Maybe today I will get something creative done.  Maybe I won't, who cares?  It's my time to do with as I please.  Times like this you can dance to your favorite tunes, scream with joy, laugh and, and whatever it is that makes you happy.  Hopefully you get the picture.  You have my permission to be just as you are and with yourself in total happiness.  Not that you really need my permission, but sometimes we need to hear that from someone else.  Take those few moments and allow yourself to experience your being.  It is not just food, but nectar for your soul.  So, go feed it already.  Thanks for stopping by and allowing me to just be.


Karen Mallory said...

Great words Cody!
I am watching Wizard of Oz in my craft room!
hugs Karen

Cody Goodin said...

Love that movie Karen. It has so many levels of joy in it for me. I also love the Harry Potter movies.