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Sunday, February 09, 2014

Miss Lepina Carriota Bartlett

Miss Lepina Carriota Bartlett is the second of the grand lady series to be finished.  She does not sport as fancy of a dress as the Madame in the previous post.  But, she is grand nonetheless.  Her fame comes from her fabled gardening abilities.  She is known far and wide in Codyland for uncanny ability to grow anything in just about any place.  Not to be known only for her gardening Miss Lepina also owns and runs the Codyland Farmers market place which is the largest seller of food stuffs in the land.  Her philosophy for dressing up is she likes to be comfortable and also loves color.  Her current outfit was made for her by her dress maker friend Sassy Bootsky.

Lepina's dress is made from recycled cotton and silk clothing and lace donated by a friend. She is a polymer clay head sculpt and wire armature body.  Her hands are premade purchased ones and her feet which are not visible her are also made from polymer clays. She stands about 16" tall and is completely posable. The jewelry is also made form things I have been given by friends.

The next figure yup for completion is Lepina's sister Henrietta. Hope you stay tuned or come back for a visit soon. Have a great week and for those of you in the cold, stay warm where you can.


Karen Mallory said...

Fun, fun Cody! Love her story and you make amazing characters!
hugs Karen

Cody Goodin said...

Thanks Karen. I'm just getting started.

PB said...

Your creations always have this element of surprise for me. It makes each delightful in its own unique way.

Cody Goodin said...

Thanks PB.