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Sunday, February 02, 2014

The First of the Grand Ladies of Codyland

Success, I have managed to finish a new character doll for my photo series.  She is the first of the grand ladies I had been designing and planning.  Her name is Madame Willamina Tomko.  She is the resident fortune teller and psychic for Codyland.  I have included a shot of her earlier self at the end so you can see how she came into being.  The head is a polymer clay sculpt and when I saw the finished head she reminded me of an acquaintance of mine.  I am not sure he would be all that thrilled about the being inspired by thing.  But, more of that inspiration will come in the photo series when her story unfolds. Her body is a wire armature that has been made with strips of cotton batting to fill out and create the body shape.  Her hair is a wool fiber I purchased from a place called Black Sheep farm here in Ohio.  Her dress is designed by Frederico Goodin one of the resident fashion gurus here in Codyland.  Willamina's jewelry is bits and bobs that I have acquired over the years from friends.  I recycle stuff, even the fabrics for her dress.

This is a bit closer view of Willamina and as you can see she is quite the lady if not a bit eccentric.One of her favorite music groups is Depesche Mode much to the dismay of her husband.  You will meet him later on.  His name is Dr. Mordan de Muertos.  He is the grim reaper of Codyland.  But, I will speak more of him in another post. I just love how this particular character came about.  I have several on the worktable at the moment and she demanded that I finish her first.  Perhaps she saw it in a vision and sensing my procrastination gave me a bit of a push.  I sure am glad she did.  I just love her and hope she will grow on you too.

This final shot is a reminder of her humble beginnings as a character.  She beat out the other two to finish first and now the other two are anxious for me to get going on their outfits.  The other two are sisters from different mothers.  In case you are wondering, they were adopted by an older couple who couldn't have children.  These two were not very popular with the other possible adopting parents.  But, the Bartlet's felt sorry for the girls and wanted to give them a good home.  Fortunately for the girls, the Bartlets live in Codyland.  They had an awesome upbringing and have made quite well for themselves. But, their story will come later as well.

Thank you for helping me to welcome Madame Willamina Tomko into the world of Codyland.  I am really getting itchy to get going on the Codyland series photo shoots. Hope you have a great week ahead.

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