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Saturday, May 03, 2014

Introducing Claudette Racine

Happy Saturday to one and ll out there in cyber land. I hope it is treating you well. Today I would like to introduce you to the newest citizen of Codyland. Her name is Claudette Racine and she is a fashion designer and stylist all the way from Paris. Her motto is that she has never met an ugly person. Which inspires her to create works of art from each person she designs for. Claudette is a free spirited artist who loves helping others transform their image into something that they wish to be. She says that it just takes the right coaxing and an understanding of the persons natural color palette that brings the inner beauty out for all the world to see. The other Grand Dames of Codyland are really excited to meet and become clients of Ms. Claudette.

She is a polymer clay head and feet with store purchased hands. The body is a wire armature wrapped in layers of cotton batting and then the costume applied. Her hair is Aussie wool. Claudette stands at about 12-13" high. I am thinking of offering some of my Grand ladies for sale here on the blog. They are all one of a kinds. What do you think? Once the current Essex open studios is over I will be focusing much attention on the photo series. There is one more Grand lady in waiting and after she is complete there will not be very many new ones to come. So, I am hoping that they will be collectors items. One can dream anyway.

In other news, the first night of the Essex open studios was rather meager. Not the greatest turnout.But, there is hope that tonight will be busier and more lively. I will have some friends stopping by which is always a treat.  Hope you have a fabulous Saturday one and all.


Karen Mallory said...

Of course she is great Cody. I think selling your dolls would be great. Only hope I could save enough money for one.
Hope Sunday is a better day at the show for you.
hugs Karen

Cody Goodin said...

Hey Karen, you flatter me so much. I actually sell my doll between $55 and $45 depending on the doll. Yes, I know that they are probably under priced. But, at least people who want one can afford them.

Show is over and only sold one doll. I am glad it is done for now. Now I can move on to other things.