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Thursday, April 05, 2012

Ooh La La

Remember this Work In Progress?  I used a little vinyl baby doll body and vinyl doll head to make the body.  She was to become a more realized version of a previous sculpt I called the Oohla bird.  Well, after a few weeks of going through a series of stages the Oohla bird is finally here.

Meet the mighty Oohla bird.  Found in the jungles of Central America, it was trapped and brought to the Cincinnati area.  It then escaped from it's cage.  Oohla birds unbeknownst to humans are very smart.  It has been relegated to the crazy stories of  such mythic creatures as big foot.  Sometimes spotted roaming from little wooded area to another.

As fortune would have it, the Oohla was spotted here in Codyland.  I managed to convince her to pose for a few pictures to prove once and for all the stories are true.

The Oohla sports a black feather crest, orange fur like feathers on the crown.  Black fur like feathers encircle her lower torso.  She is in a yellowish orange and brown with a blue iridescent head.  Quite striking in appearance.

The outer skin is made of polymer clay and her odd eyes are hematite stones.

Here is a closeup shot of her face.  This little creature is quite friendly.  She is rather surprised at all the speculation of her fierceness.  But, as I explained to her, the news media in our world over exaggerates a lot of things.

I am really enjoying the visits here in Codyland of all the strange and wonderful characters that come along. Swami is still enjoying his stay.  He has actually acquired a number of followers/students out of the goblins and monsters.  That should prove rather interesting.

You never know what will happen next here in Codyland.  Rest assured I will be reporting them all to you out there.

Have a great weekend coming up.  For those who celebrate have a great holiday.


Jay said...

Nice the Oohla bird's migratory habits grace you again. She's quite the avian. Looks like she's just now recalling the punch line to a good chicken joke.

Cody Goodin said...

Thanks Jay. Yes, she does.

Carla Trujillo said...

Cool bird Cody!

Cody Goodin said...

Thanks Carla, good to hear from you.