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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Novena Day Three and Four

Day three of my healing art novena I have finished the final layers of the skin tones and have begun painting in the eyes.  This is the part I hate most for someone like me who has difficulty seeing anything.  But, since I did not have any glass eyes to use, I am painting them.

Here is a shot of the head, hands and feet and I have applied the second paint layer on the eyes.

On day four I have finished the painting for the most part and have given these parts a chance to cure.

This is a shot of how the head looks so far.  I am still debating on putting some age spots on the head, hands and feet.  But, I have applied the eye glaze to give them more life.  That is it so far.  I am going to build the body armature on day five which is technically today.  But, I have to work a six hour day at the art store.  So, we shall see what I manage to get done.  Thanks for following along.

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