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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Toy Box Confidential taking shape

So, to end this weekend and begin the next I wish to share some pictures that I have been working on for an upcoming photo book.  The book will be called Toy Box Confidential.  It will be stories of the sorted lives of toys and the lives they live behind our backs.

In this first picture the Cat In the Hat is discussing toy box politics with the man in the moon.  The cat doesn't like some of the toys all that much.  Especially those arrogant soldiers.

In this quaint picture a tiny transformer is trying to woo the artist model of toy box.  She is having any of it.  For she has her eyes set on someone else.

The artist model female has finally been approached by the man she has been admiring for some time.  Artist model male is utilizing some liquid courage to gain some much needed confidence.  Too bad he doesn't really need it.  Only if he really knew how artist model female really felt.

I hope you enjoy the beginnings of my fun diversion for the summer.  I am having a great time searching for fun characters and situations.  I am trying to use the surroundings of my humble home as much as possible to tell the story.  Have a great week one and all and thanks for stopping by.  More to come.  Oh and don't forget that I am offering a free course for artists to help them find their true selves or something like that here at Alchemy of ME.  TTFN.


PB said...

Great story Cody. I really like that the model dolls are nude- because my model dolls are always nude- unless they are modeling for my shop. It is the world they live in. The Man in the Moon is pretty cool. Can't wait to see the rest.

Cody Goodin said...

Thanks PB I am enjoying the process. I suppose a lot of my sculpture fans are not loving it so much.

But, artists do change their mediums and focus from time to time.