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Sunday, March 09, 2014

Inner Peace - Outer Peace

Another Essex art walk has come and gone. This first art walk of the year is really the half way point to me in the cycle. The reason is that way back in the early days of the Essex a small group of artists who started renting space there decided to hold an art walk in October. So, for me that is the beginning of the yearly cycle of art walks. There is something about a half way point that evokes a feeling of transformation and also one of peace. It is the summit and the vista and the way down the other side is in focus.

It was at this particular art walk, which was a rather slow one, that I came to realize a big goal I have had in the back of my consciousness for quite some time. I love theater, drama, cinema and all the emotions and energy that go with the experience. Many times while sitting there waiting for patrons to come in and look at the art, I thought how boring this must be. It is really boring to me. Here I have this awesome space and it looks  and feels like a stuffy two bit gallery. Not to put down my or my partners art, it was just the feeling of same old same old as every other art walk experience. I sat there feeling tired and longing for the time to quit to relieve me of my misery of boredom. Lately I have been asking the Universe to please show me how I can move forward in my creative endeavors and career. I am not ready to hang up the towel and fade quietly into the distance. There is a dynamic presence that lives deep inside of me that is longing to get out. So, it finally hit me last night at the height of boredom. After the umpteenth unpleasant patron turned up their nose at our studio that I finally said enough. "Universe what can I do, what do I need to do to get us out of this rut?"

The answer came rolling over my fed up brain like a beautiful angelic melody. Create the drama you so desperately desire to experience. Make this space an experience. Create a total environment for your art. Make it a show and not just a yard sale of miscellaneous art pieces looking like shelter pets begging for a new home. Make the entire night about one show one singular vision.

At last I had the answer I so desired and begged the Universe to help me find. A goal that will give me something to really immerse myself into that can provide the sensual, emotional and spiritual experience I have been longing to create. Until the day comes that I have some big gallery show, why not create that experience in the space I have ultimate control over. My goal is to debut this show at the October art walk this year. It is the beginning for me. What better time to make this a reality.

In case you were wondering about the title of this post and what it has to do with the above conversation let me explain. By coming to this place of aha, I have finally been given a solution to a big part of a puzzle in my creative life. All I have been working towards I think is leading me to someplace really special and sacred. This aha, has given me that sense of inner peace of knowing. That in turn will bring outer peace to my surrounding environment. It always does, so I have no reason to doubt this truth. A goal is a grand thing to have in front of you. Especially if you are one who procrastinates or self judges your own work and process.

I know that I can not do this entirely on my own. The Universe will place people in my life at the right moments when I need them. I have one good artist friend who I think will be a great help in the planning of this big to do. I am taking this first step by publicly proclaiming my intentions here. I will keep you all posted of my progress. I have seven months to achieve this goal. A lot of time and not so much when I know how much work is involved. Like my photo of the day project on Facebook, this is something I must follow through to it's conclusion. A dedication to all creative beings who are in a similar place as I. Onward ever onward and I am excited as hell.


Karen Mallory said...

This sounds fantastic Cody! Expressing yourself in the whole space instead of just the pieces you show. I think that is kind of what you are doing with the dolls. It is a whole world, not just one doll. Onward you go!
hugs Karen

Cody Goodin said...

Thanks Karen, I am excited to see how this progresses.

Jay King said...

It seems to me, Cody, you have been moving in this direction for awhile. Maybe you just didn't know it. Anyway, I'm ready for the ride.