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Saturday, March 01, 2014

Martha Vexley, Hollywood starlet

I am ready for my close up Mr. Da Bill is what you could hear Ms. Martha Vexley call out to the famous Hollywood director from the western shores of Codyland. She was the vixen on many a silver screen back in the hay day of cinema. Sesame B. Da Mill was her favorite director to work with in those days. She is the latest grand dame from Codyland to be formally introduced. Ms. Vexley never misses an opportunity to be in the limelight even if it isn't so admirable. Her rather crazy gaze is due to her star falling rather abruptly once color photography was introduced. She just didn't pack the same punch as in her earlier black and white dramas.

Now Martha leads the local community theater making sure she instructs everyone playing in the cast on how to be the proper actor. She is a lover of adventure as well and has been on many African safari's over the years. Even though she is wearing an animal print it is faux. In all honesty Ms. Vexley doesn't wish any harm on any animals. She adores her friends in the animal kingdom and will stand up for them every chance she has to do so. Ms. Martha has given plenty of time and her own fortune to such causes.

On a more technical note, she is another polymer clay sculpted head, found hands, and wire armature body. Her hair is wool from a local source. She is wearing her favorite safari boots. She joins the ever growing cast of eclectic characters in Codyland. Hope you have enjoyed her story.

Have a great weekend one and all.


Karen Mallory said...

I love the stories of your dolls Cody!! Kind of like getting lost in someone else's world!
hugs Karen

Cody Goodin said...

Hey Karen, that is the point of my art. I love to tell stories of possible lives. When I made the decision to tell stories with my dolls and other toys, I wanted them to be a reflection of the real world. Not a total fantasy like fairies and such. Yes, Codyland is kind of a mythical place but, it's based on the human world and my experiences and what makes an impression on me. I hope it entertains and gives people something to think about or smile over.