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Friday, April 18, 2014

Grand Duchess Genevieve DuPont Von Frankenstein

May I introduce you to the Grand Duchess Genevieve DuPont Von Frankenstein. She resides on Unholy hill as it is called in Codyland. Her husband is the lesser known brother Ekhart of the famous Baron. Like his brother he has decided to pursue a life of science. His wife Ginny as she is often called by the town folks, was in a terrible accident where upon her hands were destroyed. Not wantyng her to suffer Ekhart gave her a new set. No one knows where he found the new hands but, the deed is rather obvious. Fortunately she does have full use of the new hands. But, she is not very happy as the towns people talk and so she keeps to herself mostly. The Duchess longs to chat with the ladies of the local art guild as the Duchess is an avid painter.

If the Duchess weren't so deeply depressed and melancholy she would realize that the ladies of the Codyland Ladies Home Art League would welcome her with open arms. They are just dying to hear some of the juicy gossip Duchess Genevieve must know.

The Duchess is a polymer clay head with store bought hands and shoes. She is constructed on a wire armature wrapped with layers of batting and fabric. Her costume is designed and constructed by yours truly. She is wearing a strand of pearls that are real and a bracelet made from a small ring with a moonstone and small diamonds on it.

I only have two more unfinished ladies to complete from the original series I started last year. Wish me luck finishing them as I need to get started on some other art projects. Hope you have a great holiday weekend for those who celebrate.

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