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Saturday, April 12, 2014

New Character

Today I finished a new character for the photo series I am working on. I had been working on her on and off for about three weeks now. Partly due to my work schedule and social commitments it took me a bit longer. This is the Prophetess. She is one of the odd and a bit touched in the community. This particular character is loosely based on a real person I knew of once. Very committed to her beliefs of the religious nature even if they are a bit out there. But, the biggest component to her personality is her preaching to anyone that will listen, of the doom approaching mankind. Is she a true prophet or a crack pot.

This character will be the foundation to one of my Tarot card images. I have been wanting to create a version of the iconic divination tool for years. The hardest part for me was how I wanted to approach it. Do I take a serious look at the whole looking into the future thing or do I take the idea of what the deck is supposed to represent and make one of my own. I have used the Tarot for years and it really gave me a great process for inward contemplation. I didn't look upon it as a tool to predict my future, but rather a way of finding a deeper understanding of who I am as a spiritual being. Then there is the thought of creating something with a bit more humor to it. Kind of a parody of sorts. In the end I think I am going to have a bit of both approaches. I am creating a version of the Tarot with both humorous and serious elements. It is my take on the whole idea and process.

My goal will be to create a set of 22 or so images that I will use as my major arcana or something similar. I am not committing myself to following the actual Tarot symbolism exactly. Which is where the Prophetess comes into play here. She will be the basis of one of my cards. She is a polymer clay head and feet with a wire armature body. I used store bought plastic hands. She is then clothed with hand sewn costume and such. I wanted to keep her a bit simple.

Here is a close up of her face. Simple and a bit creepy. That was the vibe I wanted. The next phase of creating her card will be making the props and setting for her. So far I have five of the card characters figured out. I am looking at some options for three more. Hopefully once I get through the final studio open house for the season I can get to shooting the card images. My dream is to have them ready or at least a good number of them ready for a big show in October. My goal is to have the cards available to purchase separately or as a whole deck. The images will be printed on aluminum panels and mounted on special frames for the exhibition and sold as one of kinds. Lots of work ahead of me. But, I am excited about it and this will give me a goal. The characters will be a combination of my own dolls and dolls and toys I have collected. They will be altered and dressed according to the needs of the character and cards symbolism.

Well, that's it for this post. Have a great weekend one and all. Have a great weekend.


Karen Mallory said...

Definately creepy. Reminds me of the Victorian images where they had to hold so still they couldn't smile and always looked so serious. Great idea making your own Tarot!
hugs karen

Cody Goodin said...

Thanks Karen, it will be a challenging project.