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Saturday, April 05, 2014

The Portrait as Art and Sentimental Saturday

Lately, I have been obsessed with portraits and have been finding my friends becoming unwilling or willing subjects. They are an easier access to models for me when I need a living person instead of a doll. Since my first photography class was in portraiture, I didn't initially think I would find this art form that interesting. Not to mention what could I possibly have to offer the world as a portrait artist? But, there is something so mesmerizing and magical about capturing the likeness and especially the human face that just captivates me.

The first portrait is of my friend and coworker Kajy Parker. I love her smile and her spirit is so captivating. She is a warm and caring person  that many are drawn to. This simple pose I think captured her essence perfectly. How could you not love her.

The second image is of a dear longtime friend of mine named Dan. He loves disco and seems to reflect fondly on that time in his life when disco was king and the music was much happier. He tends to be a quiet person, but very devoted and dedicated to his friendships. He holds his memories in his hands with a great deal of delicacy

Finally we have a  portrait of my friend Chris. He had been away from our group for quite a few years and is now back in the area and hanging out with us again. A great friendly guy, with aspirations of being an actor. He participates in local theater productions and is quite the actor. I captured this while we were playing cards one afternoon.

Portraits allow me to capture what I see in the person. It is important that I know something or better yet a lot about the person I photograph. It gives me more to use in trying to see into their inner self. It is kind of a mirror of sorts as I can only hope to reflect the beauty, compassion and devotion that my friends do.

Sentimental Saturdays are becoming a little tradition of sorts on my blog. It is a chance for me to reflect and also share some of my creative past with my blog friends. So, this weeks look back is of three pins I designed and submitted to a Lark books call for entries a good 12 or so years back. They were looking for creative pins and broaches created by artisans.

Unfortunately mine were not selected to be included. Not sure why except that perhaps my images weren't good enough quality. Maybe they were a little to crafty for them. .Who knows? I did have a grand time designing and executing the creating of them.

These little guys were created using a few bits of wood, miniature playing cards, Buddha head beads and other bits and bobs to create these fun little articulated pins. When I showed them at a show I was selling at, they sold within the first hour. Someone bought all three and they were off to a new home. So, the story turned out good in the long run. At least I got more than just a free book and a page in a 500 series book.

As with the paper dolls posted last week, I have thought of revisiting this particular structure and update it a bit. Not that I need another distraction. They were a lot of fun to make though. Well, that is my post for this week. I welcome your visits and your comments. I encourage them actually as they connect me to you my followers and visitors. That way I know what you are thinking and you all give such helpful advise when I need it. Have a great weekend one and all and will see you soon.


Karen Mallory said...

So great that you are doing some portraits. I think those are hardest to do especially since you are trying to capture the essence of a person in one shot! Yours are really good as I can see the personalities of the people in the photos.
I love your pins!
hugs Karen

Cody Goodin said...

Thanks as always Karen. You are a true cheerleader and friend.