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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Timeless Thursday

Due to my work schedule and not being able to post on Saturday as I have been. I am taking this opportunity to do so today. So, I am posting some older art pieces that I had done a number of years back when I was really into my painting life/ Still hoping to include painting in my current artistic endeavors, but my schedule is so wacky right now. Which actually is part of my point to posting this old stuff. I wanted to share my evolutionary steps as an artist. But, also I am feeling too scattered at the moment and seem to have no real focus. It could be the moon phase, the time of year, who knows? One thing I do know is that I am feeling a bit burnt out. My day job is sucking so much energy from me at the moment. It isn't really a complaint, just an observation. How do some of you deal with this odd state where nothing seems to motivate you. I have ideas, just no real good chunks of time to get moving. My energy level is really low.

The universe seems to be playing the part of the fool or court jester during this time too.. Tricking me with all sorts of things. Hence the above image. I did this for the Cincinnati Opera challenge the art guild I belonged too a number of years ago, put forth. The challenge was to create a painting of one of the operas being performed that season. I chose Rigoletto from the opera of that name. It was a fun study and a challenge as I do not normally paint figures. But, that sparked a little challenge in me.

The next little fun piece I did was based on a doodle I drew at work back in the 1990"s. It was a goofy clown. I did manage to capture the mood of the drawing. All of my pieces are usually acrylic on canvas or panel. This is done on panel.

I then began to play around with images from nature and doing a more expressionistic style with them.

Next I began to use photography to create a more painterly type of image for some projects. This image was actually going to be used as a pin. I was planning on transferring it to polymer clay and making it into a jewelry piece.

Finally, I started combining photographic elements in Photoshop to try and tell a story. This is a character called Zero that I created using a coworkers face. It was a project for work that particular month. Not that great of a job, but it was fun. I was inspired by the movie Mirror Mask.

Well, there's my blast from the past for this week. Hopefully I can get myself in the swing of making art a daily practice again. I know it will make me feel better overall and my energy will return. Have a great one and all.


Karen Mallory said...

Fun stuff! sometimes when I get blocked I just start going thru all the stuff in my studio until somethings sparks and interest like I forgot I had those kind of moments.
Love the old peices. The jester totally reminds me of how doll Street was under Carole! I was one of the jesters myself!
hugs Karen

Cody Goodin said...

It is good to look back. We see how we have grown.