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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Ghostly Images of the Former Self

Happy weekend and Saturday to everyone out there who ventures a visit to my blog. Hope you are doing well. This post is dedicated to this weeks photography class assignment of soft focus images. I decided to show just two this time around. Because they really speak to me in a few interesting ways. Both of these images were taken with a piece of hosiery or gauze placed over the lens. This creates a soft focus right in camera. The camera had to be manually focused as the auto focus would focus on the texture of the gauze which I did not want.

This first image is one I took of a doll sleeping in a chair. I place her and the chair on my bed because it offered the biggest ground. I love how ghostly she looks in the image. I am very much attracted to the idea of capturing images of ghost or apparitions. There is something so ethereal about that. Once I got the shot I then proceeded to convert the image to black and white. I thought the process was quite successful.

In the second image the dolls face and upper body were shot using the same process. I thought this produced an even more ghostly image. This process evoked a sense of those early Victorian photographs of the dead at their funerals. It is a nice process to keep in my play book as I would like to explore this technique a bit further at some point.

Well, that's it for this entry. I hope you all have a great weekend. Next weeks assignment is titled Looking Up and that will be a fun one to explore. Until then keep on keeping on.

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