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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Looking Upward and Onward

Happy Thursday to you all out there in cyberland. I hope you are doing well and are finding some fun and creative things to do with yourselves. I have been immersed in a photography class in the later half of the summer. It has been fun and very challenging thus far. But, well worth the time and effort. One thing I like about these classes is I am challenged to think and find new ways of looking at the world around me. As a budding photographer/artist I am still trying to find my voice or vision so to speak. It is in moments of sheer exhaustion that I realize some nice little insights. Since I started down this rabbit hole of photography, I have been in a big rush. To where you might ask? Well, it is one of those strange things I seem to get myself into. In the back of my mind I hear this voice saying,"Hurry up and develop your style. You need to get noticed and start that career of yours". So, I put a lot of pressure on myself to make everything count as if my artistic career depended upon it. Ultimately this creates many stumbling blocks, procrastination's and feelings of defeat.

Now that I am aware of this self sabotaging process I can better manage it. Looking at each class, each lesson and each day I am out shooting images I am creating myself. The thing is I am now telling this voice relax. It's OK we will find our voice. Perhaps the best part is the learning of new things, processes and techniques. I feel as if I just opened this great big toy box filled with all sorts of possibilities. I am not too old to start over or to reinvent myself. That in and of itself is a big challenge.

About this set of images. This weeks class was about looking up and how we can interpret that idea. I literally looked up in most cases. So, I chose a few examples to give you the idea. The first image is one I took on one of my walks home from my studio. It was a nice cool day with a bit of sun. There are a few interesting landmarks along the way and this sign really struck me as odd and fun at the same time. I chose to treat it as a black and white image to give it more of a fine art feeling.

The next image above is one I took while our class walked to a local gallery/coffee shop to see the current show. I loved how warm the light was falling on this little church. Though I am not particularly religious oriented, I love old churches for some reason.

Finally, we have a shot of a Ferris wheel that I took at the Circleville pumpkin show. I like how the vignette gives this shot a vintage cinema feel.

The bit of good news I hinted at some weeks ago is that I have been invited to show in a local photographers studio gallery. His name is Kent Krugh and his work is amazing. Click on his name to go and see some of his work. I was so honored to be asked. He shares a space with two other photographers whose work is also quite good. But, I felt a kinship with Kent's work right from the start. Dates have not been set yet. It is my job to come up with enough pieces for a show. I want them to all be related thematically. So, I am using this summer to try and get that accomplished. In other news I have entered a photo in the Cincinnati Public Library's current photo show and will hear in mid August if I am one of the lucky artists. Lastly, to round out the number of shows I promised myself I would tackle this year, I am entering yet another show at the Manifest Gallery. It is a part of their participation in the national Fotofocus series of exhibitions. This is the fourth of the four I promised myself I would enter. It is my way of showing the Universe I am trying.

That's it for now. Hope you have an awesome weekend ahead and keep doing what you love and love what your doing.


Karen Mallory said...

You know I love your stuff! I love the soft focus ones but I also love your black and white photos. I think stark photos would be a good contrast to Kent's work. Maybe some of your architectural work would contrast nicely too! You just keep on snappin those photos and eventually you will find what you like to do best!!
Upward and onward!
hugs Karen

Cody Goodin said...

Thanks Karen, I love having a cheerleader and friend to encourage me.