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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Saturday Solutions

As I posted in the last installment, here is the cat girl character in a full pose. You can see the little dress I designed and made for her. I think it suits her. I love these little sleeping characters. My attempt at redoing the faces on both dolls is a bit crude by most artists who do this sort of thing. But, I like them nonetheless.

This is a picture above of the sleeping princess character. You can see I used a dress originally made for a Barbie doll and just altered it to fit the monster high body. I am still not sure if I am going to redo the dress totally or make a new  one from scratch. I like the contrast of the pink to her greenish skin tones.

Here are a few shots of the dolls I have changed the hair up a bit. The first is bee girls new do and he new antennae. I used a black sheep skin wool for the hair and wire and glass beads to create the antennae. She looks like a wild child and ready for some action. 

This is puma boys new hair. I like this wild look. It reminds me of the characters in the musical cats. I also added a bit of furry fluff to the end of his tail. He too is a bit of a wild child.

Thant's it for today. I need to get busy with some work on my upcoming phto assignment for my class and get some much needed studio work in. I want to finish up the set for the first few images before I move on to other ideas. Hope you all have a great weekend out there.

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