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Saturday, November 14, 2009

New piece bad picture

I admit it, this is a crappy picture of my new piece. But, in my defense, I wanted to get it up before todays doll show. It is called "The Goblin Holiday" and features three goblins. They are spending Goblin days at the beach this year. The little guy isn't too keen on being with good ol' mom and dad. This was created for a fabric challenge contest for the show. Yes, there will be a prize. So, viewers will vote on their favorite piece. The idea was to take a piece of fabric that each club member received for Christmas last year from the club and use it to make an art piece or doll. I don't do fabric based dolls so I used the fabric a bit more creatively. The blanket the boy is on, the umbrella and dads towel hanging on the arm of the chair are all made from the fabric. I will try and get a better view and picture of it this weekend. This piece took me over 18 hours to complete. It was great fun. Have a great weekend you all.

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flyingbeader said...

HILARIOUS!!!!! Hope you win!