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Friday, November 20, 2009

Now I can Show My Secrets

Well, I can finally show my art pieces I created for the "Secret Artworks" charity event for Artworks Cincinnati. They host this event each year to raise money for their summer art programs that give teens and artists jobs. Artists are asked to create a 5x7 work of art and only sign it on the back. Then they have this big party where the art is sold. They go for $75 each. This first piece is titled "Monster Holding Tube Sock".

This years event was successful at least it looked to me. There were hundreds of people and lots of the art were being sold. This one is called "Monster That Caught the Man In the Moon".

Finally we have the queen herself. "Queen of the Goblins", such a fun piece to make and unlike the other two had some mixed media going on in it. I would love to do some larger versions at some point. Well, another good year for Artworks.

I hope to post a new sculpt this weekend if I get him finished. I am trying to get at least two more done before Winterfair next weekend. Have a good one out there.


Sycamore Moon Studios said...

Very, very nice! Well done!

Cody Goodin said...

Thank you.

MarZel said...

I absolutely love your secrets!! I really appriciate all the charity work you do. Perhaps after all the changes we are attempting, I will finally be able to do this as well. SMILES

Cody Goodin said...

Thanks MarZel I do enjoy doing these two events. I like that I make art specifically for them instead of donating something I already have and spent tons of time on.

Lorraine Tacardon said...

These are wonderful. I love your creativity and your amazing ideas. Great work!

Cody Goodin said...

Thank you Lorraine.