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Friday, May 08, 2009

AFIC Classes

Hi my wonderful artsy friends out there.  I am back from AFIC and rested up a bit.  I wanted to share some photos of the projects my students worked on while in my classes.  First up are the projects from my Wire, Myth and Magic class.

This class employed the use of a wire armature wrapped with layers of cotton batting, muslin and decorative papers.  This was attached to a based of the students choosing.  A variety of heads, hands and feet were also use to create their sculptures.  Next they were painted and embellished.  Aren't they all awesome.  I had the best students in my classes.

This piece above is by Mary.  She started with a bone and created this multi armed deityesque figure.  

Here is Libby's recession warrior.  She decoupaged newspaper headlines on the body and used sliced up credit cards as part of her embellishments.

Here we have Joyce's piece.  She was going for the decay of society.  I new Joyce from the yahoo Artdollz group.  She is such a sweetie.

Here we have a robot like figure from Chris.  His wife Dot is a member of the Gilded Lilies of Columbus Ohio.  He is becoming known for his robots.  He did an awesome job.

This is a mother earth figure by Ann.  She wanted to create the look of wood and natural things.  She did a fabulous job blending her base with the figure, as did all of my students.  This was such a fun class and I am available to teach it to your doll club or art group.  Just drop me a line.  I will be teaching it in Columbus again this summer for an altered art  group.  I am really excited to be going back to Columbus.


Marina said...

absolutely gorgeous and the robot is brilliant!!!!!!

Cody Goodin said...

Aren't they all awesome? My students did themselves proud.

Kristyn said...

Hey Cody,

I just discovered your work on the Dark Artists Guild blog. I love it and I especially enjoyed Scribbles! So that's where all my sketch book smudges come from...hmm..who knew?