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Saturday, May 23, 2009

WIP - part dos

Well, I got the second angel in my series roughed out today.  I have decided on the themes so far.  The one in the previous post is the angel of twilight and this one pictured here will be the angel of decay.  He will be layered with fabrics, paper and bark.  I am not sure if I will add anything else yet.  These are turning out to be rather cathartic in some way.  I am not sure why yet.  But, that is what the creative process does to me.  Until the next installment adieu.


Judy Skeel said...

Very cool. Paper clay? Are you planning all males? Your wings are really nice. I enjoyed the movie earlier this week, but figured out the bad guy early on, so liked DaVinci Code a little better.

Cody Goodin said...

Thanks Judy, no I am not going to do all males, just a few. I have some female versions planned too.