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Saturday, May 23, 2009

WIP- for something a little more serious....

OK, there are times when I like to do something a bit darker and more serious.  So, these are some WIP pictures of a series I am working called tentatively "Dark Angels Among Us".  Of course that may change.  As with most of my original intentions they tend to assume a life of their own once I begin them.  These are canvas, paper and wood panels that I then apply a decorative textured paper to the surface.  Then I apply a bit of Liquitex Flexible modeling paste around the edges for a bit of texture and to seal the edges of the paper.  The panel on the left is what I start with.

Next I begin building the figure out of paper clay.  I am planning on the figure to then be layered with papers and fabrics saturated with molding paste and heavy gel mediums.  This will allow me to give the figure some movement and also I like that not all of the extremities are visible.

Here you can see a closer view of the figure.  I purposely keep it a little rough as a lot of the arms and legs will be layered with the paper and fabric technique.  Once all the layers are all dry, I will then go back in and do a multi-layer paint job.

I have had this idea of doing a series of angel pieces and after seeing the movie Angels and Demons it kicked that interest into a higher priority.  My intention is to make a number of panel sculpts or bas reliefs this summer on a variety of subjects.  But, I do like to create somethings with a bit of a darker more series side now and a gain.  I have a few more goblins in the works too.  So, stay tuned.

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