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Saturday, May 30, 2009

More works in the loop.....

In keeping with my self imposed posting at least once a week, here are some works in the loop.  I like to use that term too sometimes.  These guys are sea goblins.  These three were my first set to be sculpted and I have four more in the oven curing as I write this.  They are all OOAK polymer clay sculpts in a sea shell.  The eyes are either fresh water pearls that have been dyed or glass eyes.  I know these are all pearl eyes here.

I love doing these guys as I am trying to explore the theme of enclosures or containers that these guys live in at least for the moment.  They are opportunists of sorts and inhabit anything they decide is theirs.

I got onto more of the sea goblins because I am involved in an Under the Sea Swap on another blog site.  So, one of the seven will be going to my swap partner.  In case she sees this she will not know until it arrives on her doorstep which one she is getting.

It is interesting how one acquires things like shells.  You would think a walk along the beach might produce some nice specimens.  Not so for me.  I have purchased some, been given many of them as souvenirs or lucky to find one or two here and there.  The one above was given to me by a student at AFIC this past year.  As was the one below here too.

I am trying some different sculpting techniques in this run too.  I have been stuck on a certain look and wanted to experiment a bit.  So, a lot of these guys are a little different in style for me.  But, not to worry, they aren't that far off.  I will post pictures once they are finished.


Joyce said...

Somehow these faces just fit with the under the see theme. Love these, Cody!


Georgina said...

I love these, Cody...they're wonderful. I can't wait to see the finished products.

Cody Goodin said...

Thanks Joyce and Georgina. I have them finished, just need to photograph them all.