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Monday, February 22, 2010

In a pickle

Well, it was a fairly productive weekend overall.  I was able to finish my pickle goblin.  But, first let me show you the first paint layer.  I know the green looks a bit off.  You have to remember that the primer or base coat is always a little cartoonish.  Anyway, I then paint several layers of glaze of several different colors.  Glazes by their nature are transparent so, bits of color from beneath show through.  Once I have the shading and glazes just right, then I antique with a light bit of walnut stain.  This helps to bring out details.  Oops, I just gave away one of my secrets.  No, not really.  I use a variety of stains depending on the project.

So, let me introduce you to Gerkie the pickle goblin.  Wouldn't you just love to find him in your big pickle jar?  He stands about 9 inches high.  He will make his debut at my studio open house in a few weeks.  If no one adopts him, he will hang out in my ETSY shop for a while.  I still need to decide on how to finish my rabbit.  I am also still making goblin chocolates or should that be chocolate goblins.  So, have a great Monday.


ODD imagination said...

I love him!!! I am glad (however) that he will not be crawling out of my pickle jar. :o)

Cody Goodin said...

Thanks for the kind words. I don't blame you on that one.

Lorell Lehman said...

Love him Cody! Is he 'dill' or 'sweet spiced'?

Cody Goodin said...

He would be dill. Even though he would like everyone to believe he is sweet.