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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Rare look

To comply with my self imposed posting of at least once a week, I have a rare treat.  Well, hopefully you will find it interesting.  I have scanned in some little doodle sketches I made at lunch yesterday.  I was waiting there and had a few blasts of inspiration.  What to do, no paper or pen.  Then I remembered I had a Sharpie marker in my coat pocket.  The waitress had left me a stack of napkins.  So, I made my own sketch paper with napkins at hand.  The above fella is an idea I am working on for a series of rabbit themed pieces.  Of course it will have my spin on it.  I am thinking of rabbit goblins or something along those lines.  I am not sure yet.  As with many of my fellow artists out there I have Alice in Wonderland fever.  Rabbits are one of those animals that I find fun to play around with artistically.

The next sketch above is an idea I had for doing a pickle themed goblin.  I was eating pickles the other day and for some reason I thought one in particular just had that shape that spoke to me.  I wondered what a pickle goblin would look like.  Don't you all think about those things when you eat food?

This guy is a very preliminary idea for a piece I need to make for the joint meeting between my local guild and the doll makers in the Circle City group.  This years theme is a doll or whatever based on an herb.  We have been meeting at this amazing herb farm in Indiana the last couple of years.  So, I have chosen Milk Thistle as my herb.  He is going to be a grumpy little guy for sure.

Well, I think I am finally heading out of my creative slump.  I need to get busy as I have a lot on my plate in the next few months.  The snow has been a major downer for me.  I don't drive so relying on the buses and walking is a b#@&@ for me.  But, I will survive as the song goes.  Have a great week y'all.


Karen Mallory said...

Those are great doodles Cody!! I am an Alice in Wonderland fan from way back! The herb doll sounds really interesting!
hugs Karen

Cody Goodin said...

Thanks Karen, I am hoping to start on some of these soon. I just received my order of apoxie clay and apoxie sculpt to play with.