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Sunday, February 07, 2010

My Big Bad Goblin Hunter

I couldn't resist showing off my buddy Sammy.  He is the supreme goblin hunter.  He helps me sniff out the little buggers.  He doesn't catch them to hurt them just so I can catalog and identify the variety of goblins that live in the area.  Most goblins are a bit pissy about my method at times.  But, I tell them at least he doesn't eat them.  To which they reply, yeah but we'd give him bad heartburn.  That I am sure is the truth.  Poor Sammy suffers from a very sensitive stomach.  So, he knows better than to eat the goblins.  We are still a bit snowbound but, making the most of it.  Have a great week all of you out there in bloglandia.


Anonymous said...

He looks like an excellent goblin hunter...and a good companion during Snowmageddon.

Cody Goodin said...

That he is. The four snowmen of the snowpocolypse have passed me by for now. Hope you are well my friend.