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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Upcoming Studio Art Walk

I wanted to post that the Essex Studios here in Cincinnati will be hosting it's first studio art walk next weekend.  So, for all my local friends and fans please stop out and say howdy.  There will be plenty of new art,wine, snacks and other funs stuff to experience.  I will be showing off some new work as well.  It goes from 6-11pm both Friday March 5 and Saturday March 6th.  If you need directions you can map quest it or email me at if you need more info.

I am still working on the rabbit piece.  He has been sculpted and first base coat of paint.  I also made his carrot.  Hope to have him done by the end of the weekend.  Oh, and I treated myself to two new things.  One was the sculpting character figures DVD by Wendy Froud.  Excellent for picking up some new tricks and techniques.  I couldn't afford her latest class so, I opted for this DVD since I did not know her teaching style.  She seems to be a really patient and kind teacher.  I love her work too so there is that artistic admiration thing.  The other was a new set of metal sculpting tools.  I haven't received these yet.  But, after seeing Wendy use them in her video, I thought I had to have them.  I guess that's it for today.  I am trying to psych myself up to take a big certification test for work.  It is offered by National Artists Material Trade Association or NAMTA for art material industry professionals.  Our regional manager wants the Cincinnati affiliates of Plaza Art to become certified.   I did really well in the quizzes but, the real test is timed.  It reminds me too much of those tests you had to take in school.  So we shall see if I get up the courage to take it today.  Have a great day everyone.


MarZel said...

If I lived near you, I'd be there to visit. Good job in getting out there cody. I hope you post pictures!!

Cody Goodin said...

Thanks MarZell. I appreciate your support. It's good to hear from you. As for pics, not that good at taking them in the midst of hob nobbing.