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Friday, August 20, 2010

Fridays Finished Works

 How's your Friday shaping up?  Mine, is going pretty well.  I have this set of rituals I like to observe on Fridays.  After my morning run of errands, I return home for an afternoon of fun.  First thing I do is get a loaf of peasant herb bread going in my bread machine.  I developed the recipe and it is mighty tasty if I say so myself.  Next I spend some time in the home studio working on projects.  Well today I was able to finish the two WIPs you saw last time.  So, I am presenting them here to you today.  After this I am heading to the kitchen again to make a rustic veggie soup and a pineapple exotica cocktail to go with it.

Now, about the figures.  If you remember, they were cloth wrapped wire armatures with clay heads and hands.  Here is the female figure all finished.  These two are the first in my series of work called the Carnival of the Unseen.  I will explain more on that in a later post.  But, these two were a little bit of a departure for me.

Here you can see the male figure.  Yes, his hands are a bit big.  They were made that way on purpose.  These figures will introduce a very personal series for me.  I am exploring the idea of sideshows, freaks etc. But, you will have to wait until later to see how that relates to my personal story.

This is a picture of the two together.  They will be hanging on the wall in performance.  These figures were wrapped with a second layer of fabric that became the skin and clothing all in one.  I then wrapped a variety of fibers around the body.  The shoes have couched fibers around the edge and a little bead ornament.  Each one has it's own little chest ornament.  A clock for the female and a Pisces charm for the male.  It is to represent me as I am a Pisces by birth.  I haven't named them yet.  Any ideas?  Anyway, I hope you enjoy the finished results as much as I do.  I had a blast making them.  As I said a bit of a departure for me.  They are a kind of throw back to earlier works I have done in cloth.

Have a fabulous weekend out there all my wonderful artist friends and admirers.


Pattee said...

Wow Cody you've blown me away!!!

These dolls have me mesmerized... I can't stop looking at them.

I can hardly wait to hear the story that surrounds them and you...

Are there going to be more???

Hugs to you...
Oh and BTW I'd love to come over for herb bread, veggie soup and a exotic pineapple cocktail! : )

D. Klopp said...

OH Cody, these are beautiful, I love them!!! YOU GO GIRL!

Cody Goodin said...

Hi Pattee, I wish you were close enough to me to send over some or you could come by. I know you are under the weather. Cooking is another creative passion. Thank you too for the comment on the dolls. Yes, there will be more, but not necessarily like these.

D. Klopp, it would be you go guy. I think many think I am a girl because I am in some of the groups. Thank you ffor the comment.

Deborah Thomas said...

Cody, waiting to see the finished dolls was well worth it. They are fantastic. Like Pattee I can't wait to hear the stories that go with the dolls. I was reminded of the old "Freaks" movie that was made in the 30's or 40's about the circus sideshow freaks. One of my all time favorite old movies. I have had an idea of a doll in my head for quite a while that relates to the movie, but since playing with clay lately, I may have to get it done, sewing is just so hard for me.
BTW, you made me very hungry and I am dying to know what the pineapple cocktail has in it besides pineapple, it all sounds so yummy!
Looks to me like you have your mojo back!
Deborah Tholmas