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Thursday, December 05, 2013

Drawing with Light

Hello and welcome once again to my place of creative thought.  Codyland is under some renovations abstractly speaking.  I am hoping to be a bit more active in sharing my creative process.  Today's episode centers around the using of light as a means to create lines.  However it is using light that is implied through the use of software manipulation.  How can an image be abstracted just enough so that it still maintains some recognized image.  In the above image I have abstracted an image of myself down to lines of light.  It is my minimal me. I really like the result of this simple process of fractilizing and image.

In the image above I applied the same process as in the previous image of creating a drawing with light.  This is an image of one of my art models posing in a reflective mode.  I really like the power and simplicity of these black and white images.  I think they would lend themselves well in a photo collage or some other process.  Hope you found these interesting.

I am just about ready for my upcoming art show at the Essex Studios this weekend.  The only downer is the impending winter apocalypse that is on it's way. Hopefully, it will not keep too many away from the fun. Until next time, have a great day.


David Walker said...

Nice work ... very effective. Hope to see you and Buck over the weekend. Hope the weather sneaks by us this time.

Cody Goodin said...

Thanks David, hope you can make it to the show as well. Yes, I hope it sneaks by us.