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Sunday, December 15, 2013

No Place Like Home

Today I am feeling a bit of gratitude.  Why?  Because I think it is good for the soul to be thankful and grateful for the things we have and take for granted in our lives.  My example of this thought is of my humble home.  It is here that I create some of my artful expressions, have delicious meals with my soon to be husband.  We have made our greatest part of our lives together here in this humble little place.  Yes, it has many flaws and I am not always attentive to keeping up appearances. But, nevertheless it is our home.

I took the above picture the day after our first snow of the season back in October.  Earlier than most years and a harbinger of things to come. But, as I gazed up at my little abode, I realized just how lucky I am to have it in my life.  So many people are without or have to live in much less savory conditions than I.  This time of year always brings out those feelings of thankfulness.  In addition to those feelings, I can also be at peace when I am safe and warm within  the confines of the walls of my tiny palace.

I received some very kind and heartfelt responses to yesterdays post.  I am grateful to all of you who take the time to give me your 2 cents worth of advice or your words of encouragement.  I am not seeking sympathy, but merely pondering the workings of a bigger world than I sometimes feel a part of.  It's all good.  I will continue to be creative in whatever medium and manner I choose.  At it's core, I think I am just seeking to belong to something greater than I think I am currently.  But, tend to forget I am a part of the Universe and what is greater than that?  So, look out world here I come full steam ahead.  Just wait until you get a load of me.  OK, so much for my Jack Nicholson impression.  Have a grand grateful day my friends.

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