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Sunday, December 01, 2013

Small World

I have decided to begin my visual journal a month early.  I think this will be a good daily practice to keep me writing and making art.  The above picture is one that I took in Columbus at the state fair a few years back.  It is fun to look at the tiny Lego buildings and imagine the people that live there.  This is photo of the day #75 on my Facebook page. The photograph was one in my assignment series for this past week on scale. Fascinating idea to play upon, the idea of scale and how we see it in our lives.

Scale can be a more philosophical question too.  It conjures up thoughts of my place in the world, the Universe.  Talk about a since of scale, makes me feel really tiny. But, for me it puts life into perspective too.  We seem to get so wrapped up in the small stuff and let it control our lives to the point of creating stress.  When, I look at pictures like the one above.  I soon realize that there is no need to get so overworked.  Don't sweat the small stuff.

Another thought comes to mind as well.  As I peer into the tiny city, it is like a world unto itself.  So, I too create such things in my art. What stories do the little dolls and toys have to tell.  That is what makes creating so much fun.

I hope you take time to see life in a variety of perspectives this week.  Don't sweat the small stuff and save your energy for the big things in life.  I have an art walk I am preparing for as well as a group show I am participating in at the end of this week.  But, I am not sweating about either of them. I am just enjoying the process.  Take care and live life with gusto.

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