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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sunday Reflection on Saturday Walk About

One of the things I really dislike is shopping for groceries.  Actually most types of shopping I detest.  Mostly because as someone with visual challenges, seeing so much stuff in a constant stream can be rather exhausting to me.  I get very tired and sleepy.  That then progresses to crankiness.  Yesterday was one of those days where I had to go to the drug store for refills on medications.  Then on to the grocery store to finish up the shopping I did earlier in the week.  Once I had checked out I realized that I would have a 35 minute wait for the next bus.  Not my idea of a fun time for sure.  Then it hit me. My inner voice said, I have my little camera in my pocket.  My bag of groceries isn't that heavy.  Why not walk home.  It became a sort of walk about impromptu.

So I slung my bag of stuff over my shoulder and off I went.  It was a gorgeous sunny day and for black and white photos great for capturing lots of shadows.  There's an old church that is on the way called in it's former incarnation St. George.  Now it is a building that is used as a rental space for a variety of community events.  I have been meaning to take some shots of it over the years and never had the camera on hand or energy to walk there from home.  So, the opportunity arose as if by design.

Here is an image of the building as I approach it.  Rather looming.  Sadly it lost it's tall steeples due to a fire a few years ago. But still an interesting structure.

This is as you pass the large wooden doors, gives one a sense of strength and protection.  I think of the idea of sanctuary from the middle ages.

Here is another view of the door.  I love doors and what they symbolize to me. It certainly is an interesting place to photograph.

Then I continued on my journey.  A little further down the block I decided to cross the street to avoid a large group of people.  Didn't want to disrupt them and also I was in a creative contemplative place.  My walk was turning into an art walk about.  An impromptu lesson in seeing through the lens and artists eye.

I approached this building on a street corner and loved how the shadows of the trees fell upon the wall of the building.  I treated this as if I were Ansel Adams walking in the city.  I really love this image and the feeling it invokes.  Yes, it was a good time spent outside walking.  It is funny, I listened to my inner voice and walked home.  It is a great example illustrated from my earlier post on following that inner voice.  It will sometimes guide you to some interesting conclusions.

I hope you have the chance to give your inner voice a chance to be heard.  Maybe it has an interesting adventure in creativity to share with you.  Have a great week and an early Happy New Year to you all in case I don't get a chance to post again until 2014.

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Dreamspirations Gallery said...

I do like that last photo. The shadows struck me right off the bat.

Yes.... shopping sucks! lol I can't stand it especially for clothes. The one thing I do tolerate though is shopping for craft and art supplies. That is much more fun :D