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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

How to Spend Your Time When You Are Home Sick

Today I am at home under the weather as they say.  One of those tummy virus things that can stop you in your tracks.  It is near to impossible to work with this kind of thing.  So, I called off which is very rare for me.  I think my boss knows that I must be sick if I do take a sick day.

Besides rest what can one do while recovering?  Well, I thought I could at least post from the comfort of my sick bed to show you some photos taken with my new point and shoot camera.  The above image is of one of the female models Natasha as she has decided her name is, sitting on a window sill.  I love the natural light that comes through the frosted glass window behind her.

This is a photo of one of the male models, Mas as he chooses to call himself, standing on the window sill.  He has just realized how far down the floor is from his vantage point.  Again, I love the diffused light that comes from the frosted window.  I chose to render these images in black and white to focus on the light and textures of the image.

Well, besides being a bit ill, I am surviving the cold pretty well.  I am certainly looking forward to spring and warmer weather.  I want to be able to smell the clean air and feel the breeze through the windows again.  It's also a great time to photograph nature as it comes back to life after this long harsh winter sleep.  Hope all of you are surviving too.  Thank you as always for stopping by.

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