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Saturday, January 04, 2014

Revenge of Winter

The above picture was snapped while on a layover waiting for the next bus to take me to work.  The temperature at the time was 8 F and all I can say is it was cold.  I loved how the rising sun lit the smoke coming from the power plant at the University Hospital.  Got to love that early morning light.

Today it's lunch with two very dear friends and also hopefully a parcel carrying the mail order cousins of the artist models.  I ordered a back up pair.  Yes, I am getting obsessed with collecting all these dolls and models.  Can't help myself.  I look at it as my acquiring the tools I need for my artistic vision.  Several friends in the doll making world came through last year with lots of Barbie and Kens and they are waiting in the wings for their roles in my upcoming artistic endeavors.  Many of them are destined to become altered  in some fashion.

One bit of observation I have realized, that all this photography play and daily shooting is really helping me to hone my lens eye.  People have asked me why I haven't shown any work in shows this past few years.  I tell them I was in a deep state of experimentation and discovery.  I will serve no wine before it's time kind of thing.  It is a kin to rehearsing a new theatrical production.  It has to be just right before you put your name on it.  But, the journey is most of the fun for me.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  It will be COLD here in Cincinnati.


Karen Mallory said...

Brrr! Makes our high 50's look balmy!
Great photo as I actually makes me cold to look at it!
I collect lots of stuff just in case I will ever need it! LOL
hugs Karen

Cody Goodin said...

Karen we are expecting to hit a record -24 F tonight into to morrow. Now that's cold.